We know how to be Boston’s best.

Combine almost 30 years of sweeping experience, the best equipment in the industry, a well-monitored cross-trained staff and you get a consistently better sweeping product. Simple as that. We are not “learning on your dollar”. The sweeping industry is dynamic and demanding – We bring our “A” game to your property every time.

Algonquin drivers are uniformed, fully trained and have met the exacting operational and safety standards of the North American Sweeping Association. We are Boston’s only Certified Sweeping Company”. This commitment to excellence puts us in the top tier of sweeping companies nationally. A lot of companies say they are the best but we go one step further we prove it on every job.

• Retail
• Office
• Medical Centers
• Industrial
• University/College
• Airports
• Sports Arenas
• Municipalities
• Restaurants
• Apartments
• Construction Sites

Commercial Sweeping

This is a heavy duty, industrial sweeping service that utilizes a full size municipal type mechanical broom street sweeper. These units hold almost 6 cubic yards, and  are designed to pick up heavy debris, accumulations of sand/dirt, and construction debris. We arrive with 225 gallons of water on board which is used for dust control. Our uniformed operator is licensed and fully trained in the operation of this equipment.

  • Construction Sites
  • Street & Highway Sweeping
  • Winter Sand Clean-up
  • Commercial / Industrial
  • Office Parks / Apartments – Condominiums – HOA
  • Special Events / Concerts
Billed hourly / 4 hour minimum – material disposal is on site

Light Duty / Power Sweeping

This is a scheduled sweeping service done on a regular basis. As needed daily, weekly or monthly we provide litter and trash collection for malls, shopping centers, supermarkets, office parks college and universities and more. Service is customized specifically for your property and begins with a free, no obligation on site litter survey. From there we will develop both a schedule, pricing and a customized service plan for your property. Choose the service frequency and pricing that makes sense for your property.

  • Litter Control & Collection
  • Scheduled Route Service
  • Emptying & Re-lining Trash Containers
  • Sidewalk Cleaning
  • Property Inspections

Billed per sweep / includes disposal per location

On Site Day Porter Service

At some high traffic properties a simple overnight power sweeping service simply won’t provide the level of cleaning that is needed. At these high traffic sites, special events or college campuses we will deploy an on site porter to manage litter on an hourly or daily basis. Our porter is equipped with a litter pick, lobby pan, trash bags and all the tools needed to keep your site presentable during business hours. Porters do not perform the same level of service at all properties. We tailor our porter service to the specific litter control needs and budget of your individual property or event.

Billed on a man-hour basis. Disposal is site specific

  • Removal of trash from sidewalks, landscaping and lobby areas
  • Change and reline trash containers
  • Spray clean trash cans and lids
  • Clean up of light spills
  • Reporting security and facility issues to management