Stormwater Management

No-DumpingAlgonquin Sweeping can help you deal with most compliance issues by keeping pollutants out of stormwater run-off from your property in the first place. By designing both a scheduled sweeping service coupled with the installation of catch basis inserts you will be meeting both the Massachusetts DEP and EPA requirements for stormwater run-off.

Catch Basin Inserts

Catch basins, also known as storm drain or curb inlets, are the first point of entry into your communities’ storm drain system. Typically they include a grate in the roadway at curbside and a water basin, which is  to capture sediment, debris, and pollutants. Catch basins can be used in independently of sanitary sewers or they may be combined together as they are in the Boston area. This is called a CSO or combined sewer system.

Catch basins are the first line defense in keeping downstream bodies of water clean. The major watersheds in our area are the  Charles, Boston Harbor and the Taunton River Watershed. These Watersheds impact directly the most densely populated areas of Massachusetts. They also have a major impact three of our largest rivers; the Neponset, Charles, and Taunton Rivers. By keeping sediments and other pollutants out of our waterways in the first place means we don’t have to clean them up later. In this case an ounce of prevention is really worth more than a pound of a cure. Cleaning up a waterway after it has become polluted is the most expensive and least effective option.

The effectiveness of catch basins, their ability to remove sediments and other pollutants, depends on design (e.g., the size of the sump) and on ongoing maintenance procedures to keep them working properly. Massachusetts DEP

What is a Watershed?

A watershed is a geographic area of land in which all surface and ground water flows downhill to common point, such as a river, stream, pond, lake, wetland, or estuary.

Catch basins do have three major limitations:

  • Even ideally designed catch basins cannot remove pollutants as well as other types of stormwater management practices when used alone.
  • Unless frequently maintained, catch basins can become a source of pollutants through re-suspension of pollutants they contain.
  • Catch basins cannot effectively remove soluble pollutants or fine particles.
  • Scheduled sweeping service in conjunction with basin inserts will help eliminate the inherent weakness of the old style catch basin.
Our inserts are designed specifically to remove oil and grease, trash, debris, and sediments and will actually improve the efficiency of your catch basins. Algonquin offers several types of inserts are which are designed to drop directly into existing catch basins, and do not require any retrofit construction.

As part of your ongoing stormwater management program we can install and service catch basin inserts to make sure they are clean and working properly. As Part of our program we will do the initial installation of the proper sized catch basin insert. On a regular basis we will come by and clean the basin inserts, remove any trash or pollutants and issue you a certificate showing that ongoing maintenance as done. These certifications will then become part of your official record that you have complied with the EPA’s regulations.