About Us

Algonquin Sweeping is a small family owned and operated business specializing in street sweeping, line painting and stormwater management services in the Greater Boston Area. Founded in 1985 by Ron Lichtenstein and his fiancée Karen, the company has served the needs of commercial property owners, supermarkets, retailers, the construction industry, colleges and universities and major concert venues for almost 30 years.

We accomplished this by creating a financially strong company and by consistently re-investing our profits back into the business. Using conservative management practices has allowed us to both grow and offer cost effective service solutions to our customers. Today we actually service many of the same customers we started with back in 1985, which we feel speaks for itself.

National Recognition

founder Ron LichtensteinEven though we are a small company Algonquin has become a nationally recognized sweeping contractor. Our founder Ron Lichtenstein has almost 30 years experience in the sweeping industry. He has served on the Board of Directors of NAPSA, the North American Power Sweeping Association, an industry trade group representing over 400 sweeping companies across the United States. Ron has also taken part in events sponsored by the World Sweeping Association another national trade group and has been highlighted in their monthly news magazine, World Sweeper.

Ron has been a speaker at the National Pavement Maintenance Expo, a yearly Nashville trade show, and his experience has been continuously sought after within the sweeping industry. Under Ron’s guidance Algonquin Sweeping LLC has met the strict safety and operational requirements to be named as a “Certified Sweeping Company” one of only 35 contractors so named in the US.

On-Site Management

Algonquin Sweeping Truck We pride ourselves on providing a company principle on site at all of our jobs. This direct supervision and decision making authority makes us unique in our service area. Having one of our owners on the job site allows us to not only offer an unconditional guarantee,  you can rest assured that things will be done right the first time. We do not subcontract our services or use day laborers. We feel this process allows us to provide a more consistent finished product and quality service because it’s actually our own employees doing the work.

Environmentally Responsible

At Algonquin we have long recognized our responsibility for environmental awareness. We accomplish this by using only EPA certified lined landfills for the disposal of our customers’ generated waste material. For many years we have had in place a source reduction program to help reduce the amounts of litter and winter sand that we collect. This program has not only saved our customers lots money over the years, it’s been good for the environment as well.


going green-logoAs part of a longstanding program we recycle waste materials whenever possible. Recycling makes economic sense because it allows us to lower our costs of collection and we then pass those savings along to our customers. An example of this is the tons of winter sand that we collect in the spring. We take this material and make it available to various local contractors for use as backfill or a leveling material. They then use this winter sand in the installation of sidewalks, and block pavers. We have carried over this environmental commitment to our line striping operation as well. in addition we also use only MassDOT certified water based traffic paints. No big deal you think, however, this actually helps us to eliminate the use of hazardous cleaning solvents. Using waterbased paints allows us to use plain soap and water for our machine cleanup. So it’s really a big deal for the environment . All of our painting materials are low VOC’s and meet all EPA/DEP guidelines.